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Winter Moving Tips

As the saying goes, winter can be the most wonderful time of the year. Building a snowman, sledding, ice skating and drinking hot chocolate by the fireplace are time-honored activities we enjoy in the colder months. What if, however, the need arises for you to move during the snowy season? Not to worry – New Beginnings Relocations has you covered with these helpful cold-weather moving strategies:

Whether you’re moving on your own or hiring professionals, it is key to ensure everyone stays safe. When moving day arrives, be sure the sidewalks and walkways around your house are clear of ice and snow. In addition to shoveling, you should use sand, salt or any of the many commercially available de-icing products to add traction and melt away the excess. Don’t forget your driveway as well!

During cold & wet weather, the high-traffic areas of your home are highly susceptible to being soiled by water, salt & dirt. If you have children, this should come as no surprise. Likewise, when moving day comes, you don’t want your expensive rugs to be ruined during the process either. Take care to remove them, and place protective pieces of large cardboard or plastic on the flooring below.

Nothing will put a damper on moving into a new home more than having no heat, hot water or lighting during the winter. Check with your new landlord and the utility companies ahead of time to make sure your new home is cozy and comfortable the second you step through the door. If your new home is a large one, its a good idea to turn on the heat a few days prior to moving in to allow the house to warm up sufficiently.

Cold weather makes delicate items become even more so. Its a good idea to double pack fragile items making them less likely to break in transit. Things like electronics & glassware are especially prone to cold-temperature damage. Remember that on occasion your items may sit in a cold moving truck overnight – don’t let them be exposed to the elements!

While seemingly common sense, when moving day arrives you’ll be too busy to notice changing weather conditions. Bad weather can have drastic effects on many aspects of your relocation, whether using a professional company or, especially, when moving by yourself in your own vehicle or rental. Keep in mind that every vehicle behaves differently in snowy & icy conditions. This holds particularly true for those weighed down with your furniture and belongings. Stay safe!

Speaking of vehicles – if you choose to move yourself, make sure your car is serviced prior to making the trip, in particular if you are traveling long distances. A general tune-up, tire & brake inspection and fluid replacement are all highly recommended. You may want to look into tire chains, an extra can of gas, spare windshield fluid, and a bag of salt. The last thing you want is to break down on the side of the road in a blizzard.

Break out that hot chocolate! A blustery moving day is the perfect time to take a break and warm up with a nice hot beverage. Whether if moving yourself or hiring a company – everyone’s frostbitten fingers & insides will appreciate it. It will go a long way in keeping spirits up.

Its always a good idea to pack a box of essentials for your move. Having warm clothes, paper products & toiletries, as well as snacks and easy to cook foods on hand will go a long way in ensuring your first few hours at your new home are comfortable. Have this box loaded last so you can access these items right away.

Give us a call to get started on your upcoming move. Do not get left out in the cold, start planning your winter move with one of our moving specialists today and have one less thing to worry about this winter! Enjoy time with the family and let us handle your winter move.

Given that winter is considered the off-season in the moving industry, companies tend to be more flexible on date availability and rates are more reasonable. Just be sure to check in with your movers a few days prior to move day to ensure weather won’t be a factor. Although more challenging, a winter move can prove to be a very smart decision. Staying safe and following our handy tips will make it all worth-while.

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Useful Business Moving Tips

There are dozens of reasons why a business owner decides to relocate, including growth, financial, practical and emotional pressures. Some moves may be just across town, others to another state completely, but no matter the motivation behind it or the distance involved, there are still some common key issues which everyone moving a business needs to address in some way or form. At New Beginnings Relocations we understand your moving needs of regardless the type of business you have. Our years of industry experience helps us ensure you get the service you expect.


Once you have decided on a date and secured your new premises make a checklist of all the people who need to be notified. These may include:
•    Current customers & clients
•    Utility and Internet providers (at current and new location)
•    Insurance providers
•    Mail services (it may take a few week to get mail forwarding set up)
•    Suppliers
•    Banks and other finance institutions

It is wise to request confirmation from the above to be sure your request has been received and confirmed. Deciding what, when (or even if) you tell customers and/or clients largely depends on the type of business you have. For example, a bakery which depends on foot-traffic, has regular customers, and staff who directly interact with them have different needs to a business which operates virtually.

A baker moving across town needs to pass on details of his new shop so customers can find it if they want to. The online only business owner may not even need to mention the move to clients at all, unless it is likely to delay deadlines.


When preparing for the actual move you must decide early on if you wish to pack and/or move by yourself, or have a specialist moving company take care of it all for you. If the latter ask around as soon as you can for recommendations, check testimonials on company websites and be aware that booking a while ahead may be necessary, especially during busy periods.

A professional moving company with experience of relocating businesses can be worth its weight in gold, removing one of the many tasks involved in the entire process from your shoulders.

Whichever way you decide to proceed, check that your goods are fully insured at all stage of the packing and moving process.


Will you need to order new business cards or company stationery? If your landline number is changing then this is unavoidable, so take the opportunity to make any other changes you can to the overall design.


If your website has a mailing address or map on it don’t let it sit for a long time without being updated. This gives a poor impression of your company to visitors.


Unless you have either a huge workforce to help you, or super-human powers, chances are there will be at least a short period of downtime while you make the physical move from one set of business premises to another. Prepare for this as realistically as possible, for example by notifying customers no orders will be dispatched between xx and xx dates, or similar. It is always better to over-estimate the time you could be difficult to contact, so as not to cause alarm or irritation.

It is fine to use any social media platforms you have to keep your clients or customers informed, and to make general announcements about your plans, but where possible communicating your plans directly to regular clientele before they happen is both polite and good business sense. A basic mail would be fine if you are short of time.

Take advantage of the various corporate discounts and benefits New Beginnings Relocation offer with any of its corporate moving packages. All estimates are based on the items your are moving but our corporate members enjoy additional savings on group moves and multiple pickup and delivery locations.

Moving a business is quite different from moving home, so most people who do it have no direct experience to draw on to help plan and execute a stress free experience. Overall it involves a lot of organization, planning and preparation, so don’t delay – if you have plans to relocate get started on the process as soon as possible.

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Moving On A Budget

When it comes to moving, the expenses involved are always an important issue. Living in uncertain financial times, many Americans have limited resources that they can budget toward a move. Thankfully, there are many things that can be done to ensure you spend less come moving time and New Beginnings Relocation are here to help with discounts and fair moving rates!


Giving yourself time to develop a moving plan is essential. Aside from the obvious research and gathering quotes from movers, no one likes the stress of packing an entire household in a day or two. Spreading out the packing over the course of the several weeks leading up to the big day will give you breathing room. Pack a box or two a day. For larger items, first pack those that you won’t be needing until after the move: sporting equipment, off-season clothing, etc. You should also take into account the date of your move: the moving industry has different seasons and booking during off-peak periods can potentially save you as much as 30 percent versus peak season rates. Being smart about when you shut off some utilities can keep you from paying for an extra month – you can survive without cable for a couple of weeks.


Packing early and gradually also has this great benefit: it will give you time to consider if some items are simply not needed and can be donated, discarded or sold. No one wants to make a frantic decision about the value of an item on a hectic moving day. Also, of course: less items to move equals a lower budget. Additionally, if you decide to sell items, whether online or a traditional garage sale, you can use those funds toward your upcoming move. If you’re going the charitable donation route, almost all are tax-deductible, saving you even more.


One of the keys to moving on a limited budget is being as knowledgeable as you can on the process. Ask as many questions as you can if you are unsure about the specific costs involved. Many moving companies look to take advantage of an uneducated customer. When considering professional services, collect at least 3 quotes from different companies and don’t be afraid to negotiate. You can read more about the possible hidden costs of moving here.


There are many sources of free packing materials, if you take a little time to look. Start in you own backyard: ask neighbors and nearby businesses, many of who will be happy to supply you with cardboard boxes to use. Grocery stores, liquor stores, supermarkets usually have the sturdy quality boxes you are looking for. You can likewise find boxes at work: printer-paper boxes work very well for smaller items. Just be sure to inspect them for damage beforehand. There are services which will pay for your used boxes after the move as well. Your basement or garage may already hold most of what you need: old blankets and sheets are excellent for wrapping items, as well as old newspapers, magazines and socks for cushioning items – all are cheaper than paying for bubble-wrap & packing peanuts


If your budget is low enough to decide on the DIY moving approach, think of the people in your immediate network who would be willing to help you out. Whether it be friends, relatives, neighbors or colleagues – it beats paying strangers to pack or move your things. If you managed to get a few together, distribute the workload to keep things fair. Just remember, pizza and beer is not enough. Give out some gift cards or let them keep some of the things you don’t need.

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Safety in storage

Many people start planning their move and sometimes dates just do not align such as your closing date on your new and the date of sale on your current home. Storage begins to seem like a necessary option and the thought of having all your personal items in a strange location can be scary. But if you choose the right moving and storage company, it can be extremely convenient and affordable. New Beginnings Relocation offers all customers 30 days free storage with any moving estimate. You can rest assured knowing that your items are safely kept in climate controlled environments under 24 hour security surveillance.

Top Questions To Ask About Storage:

1. Do you offer 24 video surveillance.

2. Where is your storage location?

3. What type of insurance do you offer for items stored in your location?

4. How large is your storage facility?

5. How long have you been located at this specific location?

The answers to these questions will help you

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